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Bangladesh Wild Life (Preservation) Order, 1973 (Order of the President No. 23 of 1973).

Type of law

Section 4 provides for the constitution of the Bangladesh Wild Life Advisory Board by the Government. The Board shall consist of such members as the Government may deem necessay and shall perform such functions as the Government may assign to it. The wild animals specified in the First Schedule to this Order shall be "game animals" and shall not be hunted, killed or captured without a permit. The animals specified in the Third Schedule shall be "protected animals" and shall not be hunted, killed or captured save as otherwhise expressely provided in this Order (sect. 5). Section 6 prohibits various ways of hunting of animals and the use of hunting gear. Sections 8 to 11 provide for the having in possession and sale of wild animals, meat or trophies prior and after entry into force of the Order. A certificate of Lawful Possession may be issued by an authorized officer. Sections 12 and 13 regulate the importation and exportation of live wild animals, meat or trophy. Reference is made again to the First and Second Schedule. The Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette, declare any area to be a wild life sanctuary or declare any area to be a national park or a game reserve (sect. 23). The Government may, where it is satisfied that an area of private land has been dedicated by its owner to the same purposes as a game reserve, and on application of the owner, declare by notification in the Official Gazette, such an area to be a private game reserve. The owner shall exercise in such a reserve all powers of an officer under this Order (sect. 24).
Date of text
The Bengal Rhinoceros Preservation Act, 1932, the Wild Birds and Animals Protection Act, 1912, and the Elephant Preservation Act, 1879, are repealed.
Serial Imprint
The Bangladesh Gazette (Extraordinary), 28 March 1973, pp. 3723-3763.
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