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Adminstrative Measures of Shandong Province for the Supervision of Individual Industrial and Commercial Households to Implement the Main Responsibility for Food Safety.

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These Measures, consisting of 14 Articles, are formulated in accordance with the Food Safety Law, its implementation regulation, and the, for the purposes of urging enterprises to implement their main responsibility for food safety, strengthening the responsibility for food safety of the primary persons in charge of enterprises, and regulating the conduct of food safety management personnel. In particular, Article 3 provides for the responsibilities to be fulfilled by the individual industrial and commercial households, including: 1 Clarify full-time or part-time food safety officers and implement their job responsibilities; 2 Conduct food safety self-examination, regularly inspect and evaluate the food safety status, and promptly eliminate identified risks and hidden dangers; 3 Establish a food safety traceability system to ensure food traceability; etc.
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