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Announcement of the State Administration of Market Supervision on strengthening the quality and safety supervision of solid beverages (No. 46 of 2021).

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This Annoucement is issued to further strengthen the quality and safety supervision of solid drinks, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and protect the health of the public. The Annoucement makes detailed provisions on solid beverage labels, warning information on labels, etc.
According to the Announcement, the labels, instructions and promotional materials of solid drinks shall not use words or patterns to express, imply or emphasize that the products are suitable for minors, the elderly, pregnant women, patients, people with nutritional risks or malnutrition, and shall not use production processes, raw material names, etc. to express or imply that they are related to disease prevention, treatment, health care functions and meet the special needs of people with specific diseases. In addition, the Announcement encourages industry associations and other social organizations to play the role of industry guidance and self-discipline, and regulate the production, sales and publicity of enterprises; Schools are encouraged to strengthen food safety and nutrition health education for minors, and parents and other consumers are encouraged to make scientific cognition and rational consumption.
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(2021 46 ).