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Law on Protection of Minors of the People's Republic of China (2006).

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This Law is formulated for purposes of protecting the physical and mental health of the minors, safeguarding their lawful rights and interests, and promoting their all-around development. The Law consists of 9 Chapters: General Provisions (I); Protection by the Family (II); Protection by the School (III); Protection by the Society (IV); Online Protection (V); Protection by the Government (VI); Protection by the Judicial Organs (VII); Legal Liability (VIII); Supplementary Provisions (IX).
Minors mentioned in this Law mean citizens under the age of eighteen. The Law sets up the principles in the protection of minors: (1) respecting the personal dignity of minors; (2) following the laws which govern the minors physical and mental development and the characteristics of such development; and (3) combining education with protection. Minors shall, regardless of their sex, ethnic status, race, family property background and religious belief, enjoy their rights equally in accordance with law. People s governments at various levels shall guarantee the minor s right to receive an education and adopt measures to guarantee the minors whose families have financial difficulties or who are disabled or are among the migrant population to receive compulsory education. No organization or individual may hire any minor under the age of sixteen, except where otherwise prescribed by the State. Any organization or individual that, according to the relevant regulations of the State, hires minors who have reached the age of sixteen but not the age of eighteen shall observe State regulations.
According to Article 55, the production and sale of food, drugs, toys, utensils, game and entertainment equipment and amusement facilities for minors shall comply with national or industrial standards and shall not endanger the personal safety and physical and mental health of minors. The producers of the above-mentioned products shall mark the precautions in a prominent position, and those without the precautions shall not be sold.
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This Law shall enter into force as of June 1, 2007.
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