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Provisions for the Implementation of Management Regulations on Live Pig Slaughter.

Type of law

These Provisions are formulated to strengthen the supervision and management of pig slaughter, standardize pig slaughter business practices, ensure product quality and safety of live pigs, and protect people's health.
The Text consists 46 articles divided into 8 Chapters: General Provisions (I); Establishment of Live Pig Designated Slaughterhouses (II); Slaughter and Inspection (III); Business Management (IV); Management of Certificates, Stamps and Labels (V); Supervision and Administration (VI); Legal Liabilities (VII); Supplementary Provisions (VIII).
The Ministry of Commerce shall be in charge of the national pig slaughter industry management and planning, the improvement of the slaughter industry standards and guiding the provincial commerce departments to formulate planning of the designated pig slaughterhouse establishment. The Commerce Departments at or above the county level shall take charge of supervision and management of pig slaughter in their administrative regions. Pig slaughtering plants (fields) shall establish a quality traceability system, and slaughter pigs in accordance with national regulations and technical requirements.
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Entry into force notes
These Provisions enter into force on 1 August 2008.
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