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Regulation on the Administration of Slaughtering of Pigs.

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This Regulation is formulated for the purpose of strengthening administration of hog slaughter, ensuring the quality safety of hog products and safeguarding people's health. The Text consists 45 Articles divided into 5 chapters: General Provisions; Appointed-Abattoir Slaughtering; Supervision and Inspection; Legal Liabilities; Supplementary Provisions. Designated locations for slaughtering and centralized quarantining system shall be executed by the State on live pigs. The Regulations regulate the location of, and the requirements for live pig slaughtering plants (fields). Live pigs slaughtered in designated pig slaughter plants (farms) shall be quarantined by the animal health supervision agency in accordance with the law and accompanied by a quarantine certificate. The slaughter of pigs in designated pig slaughter plants (farms) shall comply with the operating procedures and technical requirements set by the State.
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