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Regulations of Guangdong Province on Aquatic Products Quality Safety.

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These Regulations are enacted in accordance with the Law on the Quality and Safety of Agricultural Products, the Food Safety Law, the Fishery Law and the Law on Animal Epidemic Prevention of the People's Republic of China, aiming to ensure the quality and safety of aquatic products, maintain public health and life safety, and promote the sustainable development of fishery sector. The text consists of 53 articles divided into 6 Chapters: I. General provisions; II. Aquatic product origin; III. Production of aquatic products; IV.Aquatic product business management; V. Legal liabilities; VI. Supplementary provisions.
The local government at or above the county level shall establish an environmental safety monitoring and management system for the production origin area of aquatic products, conduct investigation, monitoring and safety evaluation of the producing environment, and conduct regular or irregular sampling inspection of the aquaculture water. The producers and business operators of aquatic products hall establish and improve a traceability system to truthfully collect, preserve and records. The fishery administrative department of the people's government at or above the county level shall be responsible for the supervision and administration of the quality and safety of the production of aquatic products, and strengthen the supervision and management of the use of fishery inputs.
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