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Decree no. 310 of 2023 on Measures to Combat Energy Poverty and Protection Measures for Vulnerable Electricity Customers.

Type of law

This Decree, issued by the the Minister of Energy, Trade and Industry, the Minister of Labor and Social Insurance and the Minister of Health, on the basis of article 129 (3) and (4) of the Electricity Market Regulation Law, no. 130 of 2021, describes measures to tackle energy poverty and protect vulnerable customers: provision of financial incentives to households and vulnerable customers affected by energy poverty; participation of energy-poor households and vulnerable customers in the Residential Energy Upgrade Program; the non-disconnection or reconnection of electricity in critical periods to energy-poor households and vulnerable customers, as the uninterrupted supply of electricity is necessary for reasons related to their health.
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Official Gazette of Cyprus Republic no. 5824 of 2023, Appendix III.
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. 310 2023 .