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The Waste (Management of Municipal Waste by Local Authorities) Regulations, no. 292 of 2022.

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These Regulations, issued by the Council of Ministers, in pursuance with articles 13(6), 15(5), 35(1A), 36(1A) and 54( 2)(g) of the Law no. 185 of 2011 on Waste, provide for management of municipal waste by local authorities, define their obligations in relation to measures to reduce the creation of municipal waste and concern: household electrical and electronic equipment waste; food waste; owner of municipal waste; variable fee, directly related to the volume, the weight, or the category of waste; property. The Regulations concern the preparation and elaboration of six years local Action Plans for the reduction of municipal waste, by which the local authorities define measures and actions at the local level to prevent the creation and provide for rational management of municipal waste, including waste reuse. Before the finalisation of the Plan, the local authority responsible for its preparation conducts a public consultation, in order to allow the public to effectively participate in the preparation, modification or revision of the Plan. Other matters covered by these Regulation include: separate collection and transport of categories of waste, including hazardous and solid waste; providing information to the population.
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Official Gazette of Cyprus Republic no. 5726 of 2022, Appendix III.
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( ) , 292 2022.