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Act no. 408/2000 on the protection of plant variety rights.

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The present Act lays down provisions for the protection of plant variety rights. In particular, it regulates: (a) the rights and obligations with respect to new plant varieties; (b) the powers and role of state administration authorities in the field of plant variety rights to varieties; (c) the proceedings for the grant of plant variety rights; (d) the control of variety maintenance; (e) the imposition of sanctions for infringement of obligations stipulated by this Act. The text consists of 31 articles divided into chapters as follows: General provisions (I); Conditions for the grant of the plant variety rights (II); Proceedings in matters of plant variety rights to plant varieties (III); Scope of plant variety rights (IV); Sanctions (V); Common, transitory and final provisions (VI). Two Annexes are enclosed: Plant Species List (Annex 1) and Maintenance fee for the duration of plant protection rights (Annex 2).
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The present Act shall enter into force on 1 February 2001.
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Collection of Laws No. 408/2000
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Z kon o ochran pr v k odr d m.