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Law on the Legal Protection of New Varieties of Plants and Breeds of Animals (No. 132 of 1989).

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The purpose of this Law is to regulate the rights and duties arising for physical and legal persons from the creation of new varieties of plants and breeds of animals and from their commercial exploitation. This Law applies to those varieties and breeds of economically important species of plants and animals which will be listed in a generally binding regulation. A Breeder's Certificate shall be granted on the basis of an application which supports a variety being distinct, homogeneous, stable and new (art. 4). The owner of the Breeder's Certificate shall have the exclusive right to exploit the variety or breed commercially (art. 8). The decision on the granting of the Breeder's Certificate shall be entered in the Register of Protected Varieties or the Register of Protected Breeds (art. 21).
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This Act commenced on 1 January 1990.
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