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Feedstuffs Act No. 91/1996.

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This Act lays down, in accordance with the legislation of the European Community, requirements for production, import, usage, packaging, labeling, transport and marketing of feedstuffs, additive substances and premixes, and competences of the organ of professional inspection controlling obeying of obligations established by this Act. The Act does not apply to feedstuffs, additive substances and premixes intended for export, and does not apply to veterinary preparations and medicines. This Act is composed of the following Sections: General provisions (Sec. 1); Approval procedure, registration procedure, requirements for operation and operators, labeling and packaging, storage (Sec. 2); Professional inspection and verification (Sec. 3); Production and transport of feedstuffs for research purposes (Sec. 4); Transitional and repealing provisions (Sec. 5).
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This Act enters into force on 1 September 1996.
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Collection of Laws 91/1996
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Z kon o krmivech.