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Government Regulation on conditions for implementation of measures for organic farming.

Type of law

This Government Regulation lays down, in accordance with European Union legislation, conditions for implementation of measures for organic farming. A natural or legal person or a state organizational unit may submit an application for inclusion in the organic farming measures if: (a) carries out agricultural activities under his own responsibility; (b) operates in accordance with the Act on Organic Farming and is registered in the organic farming system; (c) has at least 0.5 hectares of agricultural land. An application for support shall be submitted to the State Agricultural and Intervention Fund by 15 May of the relevant calendar year for which the support is to be provided on a form issued by the Fund for the given calendar year.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
This Regulation enters into force on 15 April 2015.
Serial Imprint
Collection of Laws No. 76/2015
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Legislation Amendment
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Na zen vl dy o podm nk ch prov d n opat en ekologick zem d lstv .