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Act no. 252/1997 on Agriculture.

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This Act sets out the basic legislative framework on agriculture. It aims at ensuring agricultural development so as to guarantee food security and availability of basic agricultural commodities, and in particular to: (a) create conditions of ability of Czech agriculture to assure elementary nutrition of citizens, foodstuffs security and necessary non-food base materials; (b) create basis of supporting by-productive functions of agriculture which support protection of the environmental components, like land, water and atmosphere; c) create conditions of implementing the common agricultural policy and rural development policy of the European Union; (d) create conditions of development different economic activities and improve quality of life in rural areas and rural development. The present Act also establishes procedures on compensation of damages caused to farmers. The consolidated text is composed of the following articles: (1) Aim of the Act; (2) The role of the State in agriculture; (2a) Common organization of the market and direct support; (2b) Competent authorities of the common market organizations and direct support; (2c) Rural development program; (2ca) Support to fisheries; (2d) Support financed exclusively from national sources; (2da) Support provided by the Support and Guarantee Agricultural and Forestry Fund; (2e) Business in agriculture; (2f) Register of agricultural entrepreneurs; (2g) Removal from the register of agricultural entrepreneurs; (2ha) Authorization of an agricultural entrepreneur; (2i) Cultivation of genetically modified variety; (3) Providing subsidies; (3a to 3r) Records of land use; (4) Providing information; (4a to 4g) Control; (5 to 5b) Offenses; (6) Final provisions; (7) Entry into force.
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This Act entered into force on 12 November 1997.
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Collection of Laws No. 252/1997
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Z kon o zem d lstv .
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