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Ordinance establishing the rules for the implementation of measures in the beekeeping sector.

Type of law

This Government Ordinance, which is composed of 18 articles and nine Annexes, lays down the rules for providing support for the implementation of the measures of the Strategic Plan of the Common Agricultural Policy in the beekeeping sector. The subsidy is provided for the following measures: (a) training for beekeepers and exhibition industry (organizing an educational event for beekeepers, management of a beekeeping club for children and youth up to 18 years of age, holding an exhibition intended to promote beekeeping to the public); (b) investment in tangible assets; (c) fight against bee diseases; (d) rationalization of migration of bee colonies; (e) breeding work; (f) analysis of bee products.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
This Ordinance enters into force on 1 March 2023.
Serial Imprint
Collection of Laws 53/2023
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Legislation Amendment
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Na zen vl dy o stanoven podm nek prov d n opat en v odv tv v ela stv .