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Animal Protection - Livestock Ordinance.

Type of law
Date of original text

An Ordinance concerning the protection of animals bred or kept for farming purposes. The text provides for housing facilities, stables, ventilation system, feeding equipment, conveyor belts, emergency generator, adequate supply of feed and water to the animals and a back-up device for electrically operated system for ventilation. The present Ordinance consists of 8 Parts divided into 46 Articles as follows: General provisions (1); Requirements for the keeping of calves (2); Requirements for the keeping of hens (3); Requirements for the keeping of chickens (4); Requirements for the keeping of pigs (5); Requirements for the keeping of rabbits(6); Part (7) covering Articles 38 till 43 is deleted; Penalties and final provisions (6).
Long title of text
Ordinance on protection of animals kept for farming purposes.
Date of consolidation/reprint
Entry into force notes
This Regulation comes into force on 1 November 2001.
The present Ordinance, in this version of 22 August 2006, is consolidated as of 29 January 2021 (BGBl. I p.146).
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
Verordnung zum Schutz landwirtschaftlicher Nutztiere und andere zur Erzeugung tierischer Produkte gehaltener Tiere bei ihrer Haltung (Tierschutz-Nutztierhaltungsverordnung TierSchNutztV).