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Ordinance on responsibilities in the field of waste management.

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The Ordinance provides for responsibilities of the Hamburg cleaning service for the basic and regular cleaning of the beaches on the north bank of the Elbe, emptying waste disposal containers and loose waste cases. The Ordinance refers to the implementing Laws regarding waste management and cleaning services both at federal and state levels that should be implemented by the Hamburg cleaning services. The Ordinance further provides for punishments in case of administrative offences and responsibilities for monitoring and notification requirements. The Ordinance provides for further responsibilities by the authority of the environment, climate, energy and agriculture. The Ordinance consists of 9 parts that are implementing in the course of 19.04.2004 till 01.01.2021.
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This Order comes into force on 1 January 1992.
Consolidate version of the Ordinance on responsibilities in the field of waste management as of 14 December 2021.
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Legislation Amendment
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Anordnung ber Zust ndigkeiten auf dem Gebiet der Abfallwirtschaft.