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Act on environmental approval for livestock (No. 1572 of 2006).

Type of law

The Act's purpose is to prevent and reduce pollution of air, water, soil and subsoil and to limit odor, light, dust, noise and fly nuisance from the keeping of livestock, including the production, storage and use of manure. The Act applies to the provision of hygienic decisions affecting the environment. To the limit of use and waste of raw materials and other resources. To promote the use of best available techniques of cleaner technology. To the promotion of recycling and to the reducing of waste disposal. To the protection of the environment, its wild plants and animals and their habitats. To the creation and maintenance of valuable settlements, cultural and urban environments and landscapes. The Minister of Environment shall ensure compliance with the Act's regulations by implementing assessment for functional and ideal settings for the keeping of animals.
The Act consists of 10 Chapters: Purpose and scope (1); Prohibition for the establishment of livestock and location of housing facilities (2); Permits and approvals (3); Orders, injunctions and review (4); Supervision (5); Administrative provisions (6); Appeals and actions (7); Penalties (8); Changes to the law on binding partnerships, the Environmental Protection Act, Act on a quality management system for the local processing of nature and the environmental and the Planning Act (9); Entry into force and transitional provisions (10)
Date of text
Entry into force notes
Entry into force on 1 January 2007.
The Act does not apply to Greenland nor the Faroe Islands.Amending article 1 of Acts No. 571 and No. 541 of 24 June 2005.
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Lov om milj godkendelse m.v. af husdyrbrug.