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Environment Protection Act (LBK No. 5 of 2023).

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The purpose of the Act is to help protect the environment and to preserve animal and plant life. This Act is specifically intended: to prevent and combat pollution of air, water, soil and underground as well as vibration and noise disadvantages; to provide hygienically justified rules of importance for the environment and for people; to limit the use and waste of raw materials and other resources; to promote the use of cleaner technology; and, to promote recycling and limit problems related to waste management. Various sections of the Act are dedicated to water management and conservation.
The Act consists of the following Chapters: Purpose (1); General provisions (2); Ecolabel schemes (2a); Deposit and discount schemes (2b); Extended producer responsibility (2c); Target for reducing total pollution (2d); Special Authorization Provisions (2e); Environmental zones (2f); Prevention of pollution and other unhygienic conditions, including rat control (2g); Grants for projects described in the regional development strategy (2h); Protection of soil and groundwater (3); Protection of surface water (4); Polluting businesses (5); Waste (6); Waste prevention, recycling and cleaner technology (7); Expropriation (8); Monitoring (9); Environmental damage (9a); Administrative provisions (10); Appeals and applications (11); Repealed (12); Penalty (13); Entry into force and transitional provisions (14).
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The Act does not apply to Greenland nor the Faroe Islands.Last Consolidated version of Environmental Protection Act (Act no. 358 of 06/06/1991).
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Bekendtg relse af lov om milj beskyttelse.
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