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Marine Protection Act (No. 929 of 2009).

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The Act applies to marine areas and its purpose is to protect and restrict it from marine pollution. It sets regulations for vessels, vehicles, platforms and the likes operating in Danish maritime areas. These must comply with restricted regulations on their machinery and equipment which may eventually pollute the sea. Certain maritime zones are subject to restrictions in regards to pollution from oil, hazardous substances, sewage and waterwaste, waste dumping at sea etc.
This Act consists of 17 Chapters and 2 Annexes: Purpose (1); Oil (2); Liquid substances carried in bulk (3); Substances and materials in packaged form, containers, etc. (4); Solids which are transported in bulk (5); Sewage (6); Wastes (7); Receiving Installations (8); Dumping (9); Other pollution (10); Emergency Management, etc. (11); Reporting (12); Interference (13); Supervision (14); Environmental damage (14A); Administrative provisions and appeals (15); Other provisions (16); Penalties, entry into force and transitional provisions (17).
Annex 1 - Aspects to be assessed for processing a permit application for dredging.
Annex 2 - Substances and materials only present in sludges at significant quantity and concentration.
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This Act enters into force on 1 January 2009.
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Legislation Amendment
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Bekendtg relse af lov om beskyttelse af havmilj et