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Natural Gas Supply Act, Heat Supply Act, Act, Planning Act, Act on subsidy to municipalities and counties and the Act on carbon dioxide taxation on certain energy products (No. 520 of 2006).

Type of law

The Act makes partial amendments to energy supply Acts with regards to regulations on wind-energy supply at sea, government purchase obligation for municipal electricity transmission and gas distribution network planning, governmental establishment of new activities in relation to subsidy calculation.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
Date of entry into force of this Act is determined by the Minister of Transport and Energy.
Amending the Natural Gas Supply Act (No. 287 of 20 April 2005) and the Act on subsidy to municipalities and counties (No. 1074 of 11 November 2005).
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
Lov om ndring af lov om elforsyning, lov om naturgasforsyning, lov om varmeforsyning, lov om Energinet Danmark, lov om planl gning, lov om kommunal udligning og generelle tilskud til kommuner og amtskommuner og lov om kuldioxidafgift af visse energiprodukter.