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Order No. 1007 on Food Licensing.

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This Order lays down provisions for the licensing and registration of food businesses that handle products in contact with food. For this purpose, the Order adheres and implements requirements for testing laboratories used for the monitoring thereof, with the purpose of for the prevention, control and eradication of certain transmissible harmful organisms. Primary production and related activities such as agriculture, animal or vegetable food must be registered with the Food & Drug Administration. Food business such as fishermen or mussel harvesters must be registered with the Danish AgriFish Agency, and hunters must possess a hunting license obtained from the Agency (Section II). Import or manufacture of food contact materials, as defined in Appendix 1 must be registered with the Food & Drug Administration (Section IV).
The Order consists of 8 Chapters and VIII Sections: Scope and definitions (Section I); Food companies engaged in primary production (Section II); Food businesses engaged in any stage of production after primary production (Section III); General points for businesses covered by this Order (Section V); Requirements for self-monitoring laboratories (Section VI); Penal provisions (Section VII); Entry into force and transitional provisions (Section VIII).
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Entry into force notes
25 September 2014. Retail companies that supplied food before 11 December 2013 in accordance to article 10 of Order no. 1151 of 12 December 2011 may continue its activities without complying with the requirement for registration set in article 14. 2. Companies that manufactured, stored, bottled or packed olive oil/olive pomace prior to 1 January 2014, may continue these activities without complying with the requirement for registration in article 17, section 2. Food businesses registered to trade smoked or salty meat of domestic ungulates prior to 13 June 2014, according to Order no. 1365 of 9 December 2013, may continue this activity in the previously applicable conditions without additional registration.
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Bekendtg relse om autorisation og registrering af f devarevirksomheder.
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