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Food Act (No. 46 of 2017).

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In adherence to EU regulations and international agreements, this Act aims to give consumers healthy and high quality food in order to protect them from fraud, including claims in connection with the marketing of food, as well as to promote healthy eating habits, and thereby contribute to ensuring food producers fairly promote Danish export. This is supported through effective hygiene inspections at all stages of production and turnover of food which fees and costs shall be borne by companies producing any product (marking, packaging, food additives) in contact with the traded food. Laboratories undertaking such inspections shall be accredited by the European co-operation following approval. The Minister for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries establishes rules related to required written communication form which shall now be electronically and the use of certain IT systems (digital formats, digital signature etc.). Regulations derogating from the signature requirements shall be prescribed in a way that appeals for personal signature cannot be waived for certain documents (Chapter 15a).
This Act consists of 17 Chapters: Purpose and scope (1); Food Safety (2); Food's composition (3); Diet and nutrition (4); Marketing and food labeling (5); Voluntary labeling (6); Materials and articles (7); Companies (8); Import, export and trade (9); Earmarked taxes and fees (10); Laboratories (11); The European Union (12); Inspection, publication of results and pre-approval (13); The Food Advisory Committee (14); Appeals and delegation (15); Mandatory digital communication (15a); Penal provisions (16); Entry into force (17).
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The Minister for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries shall establish entry into force of this Act.
This Act is the consolidation version of Act No. 43471 of 1998.This Act does not apply to the Faroe Islands nor to Greenland, however may enter into force in Greenland by Royal decree with modifications in accordance to special conditions.
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Bekendtg relse af lov om f devarer.
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