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Order No. 1261 on control of foot and mouth disease.

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This Order lays down minimum requirements for control of foot and mouth disease in commercial livestock. Affected or suspect animals shall undergo veterinarian scrutiny while regional authorities shall ensure that laboratory tests, epidemiological assessments and restrictions are applied to the animals based on specific symptoms associated with the disease. In any suspect case or confirmed spread of disease, restricted zones shall be established for the containment of the virus. Approval of release of affected animals shall occur under certified approval after 21 days following hygiene processes and with the criteria that animals do not come from areas that are subject to restrictions due to foot and mouth disease, and that they either aree from areas with a radius of 10 km around a farm not affectged by the disease for at least 30 days, or that they were examined for absence of foot and mouth disease antibodies prior to entering the farm. Should confirmation of foot and mouth disease disease occur in slaughtering or butchers, animals affected shall immediatelly be sacrificed and disinfection af all contaminated areas shall immediately take place. Preventive vaccination for foot and mouth disease is NOT permitted.
This Law consists of 9 chapters: Definitions (1); Review (2); Creating zones (3); Measures in outbreaks of foot and mouth disease in wildlife (4); The reintroduction of animals of susceptible species (5); Measures on suspicion or confirmation of foot and mouth disease at a slaughterhouse, a place or means of transportation (6); Epidemiological investigation (7); Vaccination (8); Penal provisions and entry into force (9).
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Entry into force notes
Entry into force on 31 December 2004.
Repealing Order No. 754 of 20 October 1998.
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Bekendtg relse om bek mpelse af mund- og klovesyge.