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Council Directive 2003/85/EC on Community measures for the control of foot-and-mouth disease repealing Directive 85/511/EEC and Decisions 89/531/EEC and 91/665/EEC and amending Directive 92/46/EEC.

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This Directive sets out: (a) the minimum control measures to be applied in the event of an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease of whatever type of virus; and (b) certain preventive measures aimed at increasing awareness and preparedness of the competent authorities and the farming community for foot-and-mouth disease. Member States shall remain free to take more stringent action in the field covered by this Directive. The Directive consists of the following Chapters: (I) Subject matter, scope and definitions; (II) Control of outbreaks of foot-and-mouth disease; (III) Preventative measures; (IV) Implementing measures; (V) Transitional and final provisions. In addition, twenty Annexes are attached, regarding in particular: the definition of outbreak; notification of diseases and further epidemiological information to be provided by the Member State where the disease has been confirmed; principles and procedures for cleansing and disinfection; restocking on holdings; restrictions on the movement of equidae; treatment of products (such as milk and meat) to ensure the destruction of foot-and-mouth disease virus; biosecurity standards for laboratories; criteria and requirements for contingency plans.
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Official Journal L 306, 22 November 2003, pp. 1-87.
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