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Order No. 1325 on EU trade in sheep and caprines and their import from developing countries.

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This Order sets regulations with regard to the trade of caprines and their health certification which require to adhere to EU provisions. Certificates must be issued based on the herd of origin and will be of validity of 10 days after their issue. In order to be certified, the animals must not be affected by any of the following communicable diseases: Contagious agalactia of sheep (Mycoplasma agalactiae), contagious agalactia of goats (Mycoplasma agelactiae, M. capricolum, M. myco des subsp. Myco des "Large Colony") within the past six months. Paratuberculosis or caseous lymphadenitis, within the last year. Pulmonary adenomatosis, Maedi Visna or caprine viral arthritis/encephalitis in the last 3 years - however one year if the animals infected with Maedi Visna or viral encephalitis/arthitis are put down and their rests have reacted negatively to 2 samples at diagnostic laboratories.
In case of non-castrated rams: contagious epidydimitis (B. ovis) the last year and where the animal had been kept for 60 days prior to shipment and during the last 30 days prior to negative results which have been subject to additional tests. In case of scrapie, trade of animals which have been kept in captivity since birth or the last from the age of 3 years must meet the following criteria: handlers must be under official veterinary supervision in accordance with guidelines set by the Food & Drug Administration; Animals must be identified; There shall not be recorded cases of scrapie; Sample surveys of animals have taken place in accordance with the Food Authority's instructions (art. 5). Import of livestock originating from third countries may only occur if listed in the EU listing of accepted countries. These shall not have had foot and mouth disease cases over the past two years and animals shall not have been vaccinated for the disease for at least one year. Countries shall not have had cases of bluetongue, sheep and goat plague, epizootic haemorrhagic disease, sheep and goat pox and Rift Valley fever over the past year. Finally they shall have been free of vesicular stomatitis over the past 6 months.
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1 December 2015.
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Bekendtg relse om samhandel inden for Den Europ iske Union med f r og geder samt indf rsel af f r og geder fra tredjelande.