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Order No. 1406 on special rules for the fishing and conservation of trout on Bornholm and Christians (Ertholmene).

Type of law

This Order sets special rules for fishing in the Danish fishing waters around Bornholm and Christians (Ertholmene) and in inland waters on the same island. It also lays down regulations regarding the compliance of Fish Farming Act.
Trolling fishing downrigger is not allowed from the low-water and up to one nautical mile around Bornholm and Christians (Ertholmene). Special conservation actions refer to the fishing of trout (Salmo trutta), with a fishing banned period between 16 September and 28 February (around Christians , Bornholm) and maximum 3 each/day for each fishing vessel. Recreational fishermen may use netting tools in saltwater in an area deeper than 100 meters from the low-water limit. The document includes a geographic map indicating the conservation area.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
1 January 2016.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
Bekendtg relse om s rlige regler for fiskeri og fredning af rred for Bornholm og Christians (Ertholmene).