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Fisheries Act.

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The Act sets regulations on the management and conservation of fishery, aquaculture, and trade in related activities with the purpose of ensuring the protection and rehabilitation of natural resources in salt and fresh waters, as well as the protection of other animal and plant species providing a sustainable basis for commercial and recreational fishing. The EU Fisheries Committee shall act as advisor to the Minister of Environment and Food of Denmark for the implementation of certain EU fishery provisions. The Ministry may also decide on the use, design, mesh size, location and number of authorized fishing equipment and methods. The Act includes provisions for research activities, inspection rules, provisions for prevention of IUU fishing and fishing vessel requirements.
The Act consists of 24 Chapters and 2 Appendices: Purpose, scope and definitions (1); Advisory Committee (2); Administration of EU legislation and international agreements in fisheries and fish farming sectors (3); Environmental damage to protected species or international nature protection areas (3a); Conservation and protection of some natural habitats, wild flora and fauna (3b); Fishing methods and eligibility (4); Rehabilitation, protection and conservation of fishery stocks (5); Fishing equipment (6); Regulation of commercial fishing in saltwater (7); Vessels with authorized fishing license (8); Regulation of recreational fishery (9); Special freshwater rules (10); Recreational fishing signs (11); Fish care and releases (12); Breeding in salt water (13); Rules of conduct between fishermen (14); Fishery compared to other activities (15); First sale of fish (16); Administration of production fees (17); Scientific research (18); Appeals (19); Submission and processing of information (20); Measures in cases of accidents and disasters, including acts of war (20a); Fees (21); Monitoring and inspection (22); Penalty, prosecution and confiscation (23); Entry into force and transitional provisions (24).
Appendix 1 - Table of contents.
Appendix 2 - Animal species whose capture and exploitation in the wild will be subject to management measures.
Date of consolidation/reprint
This version of the Fisheries Act is approved by Notice 261 of 21 March 2019. It incorporates amendments up to Act No. 1734 of 27 December 2018. Other existing amendments to the Fisheries Act are Act No. 508 of 2019 and Act No. 509 of 2019.This Act does not apply to Greenland nor to the Faroe Islands. The Act is however applicable to violations of provisions set out by EU regulations in this document which purpose are to prevent, deter and eliminate illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU-fishery) fishing in the Faroe Islands or Greenland by Danish nationals not domiciled in the two countries.
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Lov om fiskeri og fiskeopdr t (fiskeriloven).
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