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Order No. 1629 on payment for food, feed and live animals control.

Type of law

This Order lays down rules on payment of fees for the financing of inspection, licensing, registration, approval, notification, certification and investigation in connection with food, feed, live animals, businesses, equipment, and products, including non-food products and non-animal products.
It consists of 18 Chapters and six Annexes: 1. Scope; 2. Control in slaughtering establishments with permanent staff etc.; 3. Control for live animals and certain products etc.; 4. Control of food business; 5. Import control and IUU control; 6. Control of certain substances and residues in live animals and certain animal products, and reporting of production quantities; 7. Review and approval etc., and advanced approval and requested guidance under the Food Act; 8. Laboratory tests etc.; 9. Control of feed and feed business; 10. Monitoring undertaken by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration's special units and special control of supplements; 11. Export assistance; 12. Controls undertaken by the Danish fisheries Agency; 13. Exemptions; 14. Animal testing permit; 15. Temporary certificate of competence; 16. Identification documents for horses (horse passport); 17. Penalties; 18. Entry into force.
Annex 1 - Verification fees for small slaughterhouses establishments.
Annex 2 - Conversion of slaughter figures for livestock units.
Annex 3 - Laboratory fees.
Annex 4 - Percentage reduction of feed tax depending on sales value.
Annex 5 - Fees for the issue of identification documents for unregistered horses (hobby horses).
Annex 6 - for the control of live animals and animal products, etc. as well as animal food, etc. originating in New Zealand.
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Entry into force notes
This Order enters into force on 27 December 2019.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
Bekendtg relse om betaling for kontrol af f devarer, foder og levende dyr m.v.