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Order No. 1710 on grain seeds.

Type of law

This Order sets regulations on the commercial trade of grains and seeds. A batch of grain species as listed in Appendix 2 may only be sold for planting purposes, for commercial use and registered in the Danish CPVO-entrusted examination office TystofteFonden. Areas planted with cereals which are required to be certified shall be inspected production and in accordance with the provisions listed in Appendix 3. The TystofteFonden certifies corn seeds that meet higher Danish quality standards as included in Appendix 5, and that comply with national and international trade EU quality standards. The TystofteFonden may certify batches of internationally traded seeds and in adherence to provisions set by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), which authorizes the export to non-EU Member States. Oat, wheat, barley, durum wheat, spelled wheat and corn may be produced and traded for a trial period until 31 December 2017.
Appendix 1 - Appendix description.
Appendix 2 - Species included in this Order.
Appendix 3 - Breeding standards.
Appendix 4 - Authorization of field inspectors, samplers, businesses and departments using authorized sampling and seed testing laboratories.
Appendix 5 - Quality standards.
Appendix 6 - Labelling.
Appendix 7 - Requirements for certification of remaining stock.
Appendix 8 - Trade in varieties being tested for inclusion on the sort list.
Appendix 9 - Details on conservation varieties.
Appendix 10 - Third countries and their authorities and species which are equal to Member States.
Appendix 11 - Conditions for results of inspection.
Appendix 12 - Details on breeds.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
1 January 2017. Approvals and authorizations granted by the Danish Nature Agency prior to 1 January 2017 by Order No. 453 of 24 May 2016 are considered equivalent to provisions set by the Danish CPVO-entrusted examination office Tystofte Foundation in accordance with this Order.
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Bekendtg relse om s dekorn.