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Order No. 374 on approval of projects for public heating plants.

Type of law

The Order applies to municipal energy supply and the planning thereof. Projects destined to these activities shall be in cooperation with enterprises and entities whose planning projects are authorized by the Municipality Council. Heating energy projects shall originate from natural gas, biomass and waste. Application for approval of district heating system projects must be in writing and accompanied by information necessary for the municipal council's assessment of the project. The municipal council shall ensure that projects are in adherence to regional, municipal and local planning and that they are considered for waste incineration plants and coordinated with the Environmental Protection Act.
The Order consists of 8 Chapters and 3 Appendices: Scope and definitions (1); The municipal heat planning (2); Requirements for municipal approval of projects of district heating systems (3); Municipal approval of projects (4); Exemptions (5); Appeals (6); Penalties (7); Entry into force (8).
Appendix 1 - Approval of reportable projects for district heating plants (art. 3, section 1.1).
Appendix 2 - Compensation for amending supply forms (art. 8).
Appendix 3 - Companies adhering provisions of art. 10 (section 2) and art. 17 (section 5, No. 1).
Date of text
Entry into force notes
Entry into force 20 April 2013.
Applications for project approval received before 1 July 2012, shall be subject to provisions of Order No. 1295 of 13 December 2005 on the approval of projects for district heating systems. Applications received by 1 July 2012 or later (but before 20 April 2013) are subject to provisions of Order No. 795 of 12 July 2012.
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Legislation Amendment
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Bekendtg relse om godkendelse af projekter for kollektive varmeforsyningsanl g.