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Order No. 646 on imports of feed stuff with special restrictions and criminal penalties for violation of various EU acts.

Type of law

The Order sets regulations with regard to the import to and via Denmark to a partner country of feed stuff subject to particular restrictions. The Order does NOT include non-animal feed imported from other EU member states and released for free circulation. If feed is then released for free circulation in Denmark, it shall be subject to provisions of Order on food and feed businesses, as well as to relevant EU legislations in this area. Inspections shall occur in certified laboratories. Non-animal products shall be notified to the Danish Food authorities prior to trade. The purpose of this Order is to ensure consumer protection by ensuring food-related diseases are being monitored.
The Order consists of VI Sections and 1 Appendix: Scope and definitions (I); Animal feed-stuff - prior notification (II); Animal feed - individual restrictions (III); Non-animal feed - advance notice and rules related detained and un-released parties (IV); Non-animal feed - individual restrictions (V); Penalties and implementation (VI).
Appendix 1 - Border inspection posts for compound feed containing milk, milk products, soya or soya products originating in or consigned from China.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
20 June 2014.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
Bekendtg relse om import af foder med s rlige restriktioner og om straffebestemmelser for overtr delse af diverse EU-retsakter.