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Order No. 942 on plant variety names.

Type of law

The Order sets regulations regarding the reporting of a variety of plant names and the inclusion thereof in the Register of the Plant Novelty Board. Registration shall occur within three months from request by the Board by submitting a proposal of the plant variety which adhere to the approving conditions set in article 2 of this document (the sorting name must be suitable as a generic term for the plant variety and its identification), and according to Art. 63 of Council Regulation (EC) No. 2100/94 of 27 July 1994 on Community plant variety rights and in adherence to Commission Regulation (EC) No. 637/2009 of 22 July 2009 establishing implementing rules as to the suitability of the denominations of varieties of agricultural plant species and vegetable species.
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Entry into force notes
15 August 2015 with effect from 1 July 2015.
Implementing Commission Directive 2009/145/EC of 26 November 2009 providing for certain derogations, for acceptance of vegetable landraces and varieties which have been traditionally grown in particular localities and regions and are threatened by genetic erosion and of vegetable varieties with no intrinsic value for commercial crop production but developed for growing under particular conditions and for marketing of seed of those landraces and varieties.
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Bekendtg relse om plantesortsnavne.