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Order No. 944 on subsidy to producers' organizations in the market sector of fruit and vegetables.

Type of law

The provisions of this Order apply to subsidy granted to recognized production organizations, operational funds and programs in the European Union market in fruit and vegetables. The measures necessary for the implementation of EU regulations in this regard shall include the production of agricultural products, and information on agricultural income and business operations. Temporary subsidy may also be granted to emergency measures incurred by producers that may not members of a production organization. Approval thereof shall be given by the Danish AgriFish Agency , as well as of any subsequent amendments to the statute. Article 9 ensures that financial subsidy may reach a maximum of 4.1% of the value authorized. The percentage may be increased to 4.6% provided that the amount exceeds 4.1 % of that value used only for crisis prevention and management measures.
This Order consists of 16 Chapters and 1 Appendix: Content (1); Definitions (2); Conditions for members and production organizations (3); Calculation of subsidy (4); Management of the operational fund (5); Application for approval and modification of operational program (6); Other requirements for the operational program (7); Payment of funding (8); Outsourcing (9); Reference revenue (10); Requirements for investments (11); Temporary subsidies for crisis measures (12); Aggregation (13); Withdrawal of recognition and repayment (14); Authorities and inspection (15); Entry into force (16).
Appendix 1 - Depreciation and valuation of investments of members' property.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
1 September 2014.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
Bekendtg relse om tilskud til producentorganisationer mv. under markedsordningen for frugt og gr nt.