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Order on registration and control of information on fish landed directly in Denmark and imported fish (No. 120 of 2016).

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This Order, made on the basis of sections 10, 99, 112, 120, 121, 124, and 130 of the Fisheries Act, concerns the control of fish landed at ports in Denmark and activities related to such landed fish by fish auctions, assembly centers, cooperative fisheries associations, warehouses, cold stores and others who receive fish for the distribution of sales, storage, sorting, cassette packing or similar treatment before the fish are sold at the first marketing stage ("first-time turnover"). The control shall be carried out by the Danish Nature Business Board (from 1 February 2017 the called the Danish Agriculture and Fisheries Authority). These operators shall report on a daily basis to the Authority. Fishermen who keep their and process their own catch, export such fish or land fish at foreign ports, shall also report on a daily basis to the Authority on the economic transactions involving fish. The Order sets out rules for the weighing of fish. Information gathered may be passed on by the Authority to producer organizations. Operators may be requested by the Authority to notify in advance their operations for purposes of control efficiency. More in general, the Authority may issue further rules for the unloading of fish and related activities. The Order specifies penalties for offences.
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Bekendtg relse om registrering og kontrol af oplysninger om fisk, der landes direkte, og fisk, der importeres.