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Planning Act (No. 1157 of 2020).

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This Act sets regulations on the planning of land use and must ensure coherent planning that unites societal interests in land use, contributes to protecting the country's nature and environment and creates a good framework for growth and development throughout the country, so that social development can take place on a sustainable basis with respect for human living conditions, preservation of animal and plant life and increased economic prosperity. Regional and local councils shall publish a statement of their strategy for the region's respective municipality contribution to sustainable development in the 21st century - and shall include information on how people, organizations and associations shall be involved in this project.
The Act consists of 16 Chapters and 2 Appendices: Purpose (1); Land planning (2); Plan in coastal areas (2a); Strategic planning for villages (2b); Planning in the capital area (2c); Planning for retail trade (2d); Temporary residences for refugees (2e); (Repealed) (3); Municipality planning (4); Local planning (5); Development agreements for infrastructure and payment for certain fees (5a); Plan establishment and repeals (6); Local Agenda 21 (6a); Zone division and rural administration (7); Summerhouse areas (8); Flexible use of year-round housing (8a); Facilitations (9); Reversals (10); Expropriation and takeovers (11); Inspection (12); Administrative provisions (13); Appeals and legal proceedings (14); Legalization and penalties (15); Entry into force and transitional provisions (16).
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This Act does not apply to Greenland nor to the Faroe Islands.Consolidated version of the Planning Act No. 388 of 1991.
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Bekendtg relse af lov om planl gning.
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