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Regulation No. 779 on registration of varieties of plant propagation material on the national variety list.

Type of law

This Regulation, issued by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, applies to varieties of species that need to be registered on the national variety list in order to be placed on the market and which are covered by the Regulations mentioned in Article 1. It does not apply to varieties whose seeds or plants are clearly intended for export to third countries. The Regulation lays down detailed rules on the procedure for registration in the national variety list. The Danish Agricultural Agency (Landbrugsstyrelsen) may reject the registration of a variety if its cultivation may pose a risk to human, animal, or plant health, or to the environment. A genetically modified variety may be registered if is approved for cultivation within the European Union. The national variety list is found in Annex 2.
The Regulation contains 26 articles organized in the following chapters: 1. Scope of application; 2. Registration on the national variety list; 3. Official testing, etc.; 4. Specially concerning registration on the variety list for conservation varieties and hobby varieties; 5. Maintenance breeding; 6. Duration of variety listing approval; 7. Revocation of approval; 8. Variety archive; 9. The variety list; 10. Entry into force, etc.
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Entry into force notes
This Regulation enters into force on 1 July 2023.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
BEK nr 779 af 13/06/2023: Bekendtg relse om registrering af sorter af planteformeringsmateriale p den nationale sortsliste.