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Regulation No. 870 on vessels used for commercial fishing in saltwater.

Type of law

The present Regulation, issued by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, lays down rules on vessels used for commercial fishing in saltwater. It contains 31 articles organized in the following chapters: 1. Registration, etc.; 2. Requirements for the vessel's owner, etc.; 3. Vessel replacement; 4. Capacity ceiling; 5. Modernization, etc.; 6. Available capacity; 7. Capacity fund; 8. Special rules on bottom trawlers; 9. Special rules on vessels used for fishing for mussels, oysters, or starfish; 10. Penalty and enforcement provisions.
Under this Regulation, a vessel may only be used for commercial fishing with a permission of the Danish Fisheries Agency. Vessels used for commercial fishing must be registered in the vessel register of the Agency. The Agency may, upon application, grant permission for a vessel to be modernized, even if the vessel's tonnage or engine power will be increased. The Capacity Fund may serve the following purposes: 1. Promoting the participation of young, first-time established fishermen in the fishing industry; and 2. Providing information and disseminating knowledge about local coastal fishing in Denmark.
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This Regulation enters into force on 29 June 2023.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
BEK nr 870 af 21/06/2023: Bekendtg relse om fart jer, der anvendes til erhvervsm ssigt fiskeri i saltvand.