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Memorandum of Understanding for the establishment of a Consultation Mechanism for the Integrated Management of the Water Resources of the Iullemeden, Taoudeni/Tanezrouft Aquifer Systems (ITAS).

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The Memorandum of Understanding concerns the establishment between the Signatory States and those who will join, of Consultation Mechanism for the Management of the Lullemeden Taoudeni/Tanezrouft Aquifer System (ITAS). The objective of the Consultation Mechanism is to promote and foster cooperation in the management of ITAS water resources to ensure better management of their shared groundwater resources for the sustainable development of the region and an equitable, coordinated and collaborative use of the ITAS water resources.
This Memorandum of Understanding shall apply to all States of the Consultation Mechanism. It applies in the ITAS, to all public or private measures and activities, ongoing or planned, for the purpose of: a) Promoting a better knowledge of groundwater resources; b) The protection and preservation of shared groundwater resources; c) Promoting the sustainable use of the lands and waters within the framework of ongoing or future activities, relating to the use and mobilization of groundwater resources for the satisfaction of socio- economic and environmental needs, particularly those that are likely to have a transboundary impact on water resources or the environment.
The MOU defines the general principles to be taken into account (Chapter 5) as well as the general obligations undertaken by the Signatory States to manage the ITAS water resources to ensure their sustainability and maintain their quality to the highest possible level.
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This Memorandum of Understanding shall enter into force thirty (30) days after the deposit of instruments of ratification by at least two thirds of the member States of the ITAS Consultation Mechanism.
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