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Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Management System Act (2005).

Type of law
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This Act, consisting of five chapters and seventy-one sections, establishes the legal basis and procedure for the assessment of the expected environmental impact, the organisation of the environmental management and environmental auditing system, and the awarding of the eco-label with the aim of preventing damages to the environment. Chapters 1 of the Act provides for: definition of the scope of the Act; general settings; environmental impact and significant environmental impact; authorities and institutions affected by an environmental impact. Chapter 2 concerns the environmental impact assessment procedure, and specifically provides for: mandatory environmental impact assessment; purpose of environmental impact assessment; environmental impact assessment procedure and requirements; activities with a significant environmental impact, including: oil processing plant, construction of natural gas and nuclear power plants, management of wind power plant in a water body, handling of high-level radioactive waste, production of hazardous substances on an industrial scale using a chemical process, construction of a harbour or a waterway in an inland body of water, construction of a sewage water treatment plant, other activities involving water resources management; activity permit; procedural matters related to environmental impact assessment; special features of cross-border environmental impact assessment; strategic assessment of the environmental impact associated with the implementation of the strategic planning document.
Further chapters concern: organisation of voluntary environmental management and environmental auditing system; environmental management and environmental auditing system; eco-labelling system; State fee for reviewing an application for an eco-label; offences and administrative fines in case of misconduct; administrative and implementation provisions.
Date of consolidation/reprint
Consolidated version of the Act, as last amended by the Act published in the State Gazette I, no. 2 of 6 July 2023.
Serial Imprint
RT I 2005, 15, 87
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Legislation Amendment
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Keskkonnam ju hindamise ja keskkonnajuhtimiss steemi seadus (2005).