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Commission Directive 96/18/EC amending various Council Directives on the marketing of seeds and propagating materials.

Type of law

Directive 66/401/EC is hereby amended and the table in Annex III '20` is replaced by '25` in the case of Lupinus albus, Lupinus angustifolius, Lupinus luteus, Pisum sativum, Vicia faba, and Vicia sativa. Directive 69/208/EC is amended: in column 2 of the Table in Annex III '20` is replaced by '25` in all the cases where it appears and '10` is replaced by '25` in the case of Carthamus tinctorius. Directive 70/458/EC is hereby amended: point 1 of Annex III is replaced by the following: "1. Maximum weight of a seed lot. The maximum lot weight shall not be exceeded by more than 5 %." (6 articles)
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Entry into force notes
This Directive shall enter into force on the day after its publication in the Official Journal of the European Communities.
Serial Imprint
CELEX-EUR Official Journal L 76, 26 March 1996, pp. 21 and 22.
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in force
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