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Council Decision 92/438/EEC on computerization of veterinary import procedures (Shift project), amending Directives 90/675/EEC, 91/496/EEC, 91/628/EEC and Decision 90/424/EEC, and repealing Decision 88/192/EEC.

Type of law

This Decision provides for computerization of veterinary import procedures. The computerization shall comprise (i) a procedure for passing on the relevant information when an official veterinarian at a border inspection post re-routes a consignment, (ii) the organization and operation of data bases covering Community s import requirements for animals and products, and (iii) the organization and operation of data bases covering imports into the Community of animals and products. Annex I describes the manner in which the procedure above-mentioned shall operate, whereas Annexes II and III concern the organization of the data bases. Articles 9 and 10 lay down some amendments to Directives 91/496/EEC and 91/628/EEC respectively.
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Official Journal L 243, 25 August 1992, pp. 27-31.
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