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Council Directive 75/440/EEC concerning the quality required of surface water intended for the abstraction of drinking water in the Member States.

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This Directive concerns the quality requirements which surface fresh water used or intended for use in the abstraction of drinking water, hereinafter called "surface water", must meet after application of appropriate treatment. For the purposes of this Directive surface water shall be divided according to limiting values into three categories, A1, A2 and A3, which correspond to the appropriate standard methods of treatment given in Annex I. These groups correspond to three different qualities of surface water, the respective physical, chemical and microbiological characteristics of which are set out in the table given in Annex II. Member States shall take all necessary measures to ensure that surface water conforms to the values laid down pursuant to article 3. Each Member State shall apply this Directive without distinction to national waters and waters crossing its frontiers.
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CELEX-EUR Official Journal L 194, 25 July 1975, pp. 26-31.
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