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Council Directive 78/692/EEC amending Directives 66/400/EEC, 66/401/EEC, 66/402/EEC, 66/403/EEC, 68/193/EEC, 69/208/EEC and 70/458/EEC on the marketing of beet seed, fodder plant seed, cereal seed, seed potatoes, material for the vegetative propagation of the vine, seed of oil and fibre plants and vegetable seed.

Type of law

This Directive lays down some amendments to specific Community provisions in force relating to the placing on the market of certain seed and propagating materials. The amendments mainly concern packaging requirements of basic seed and certified seed.
Directive 66/400/EEC is hereby amended as follows: article 10(1) is substituted; article 10(3) is substituted; some addenda are laid down to Annex III (A) (I). Directive 66/401/EEC is amended as follows: article 9(1) is substituted; article 9(3) is substituted; new particulars are inserted in article 14(3) (c); addenda are laid down in Annex IV (I) (A). Article 9(1) of Directive 66/402/EEC is replaced by the provision laid down in article 3 of this Directive. Articles 9(1) and 10 of Directive 66/403/EEC are hereby replaced by the provisions contained in article 4. Article 9 of Council Directive 68/193/EEC of 9 April 1968 on the marketing of material for the vegetative propagation of the vine (1), as last amended by Directive 78/55/EEC shall be replaced by the text contained in article 5 of this Directive. Article 9(1) of Directive 69/208/EEC is hereby substituted. Lastly, paragraphs 2 and 3 of article 25 of Directive 70/458/EEC are hereby replaced as set forth in article 7.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
This Directive entered into force on 15 September 1978.
Serial Imprint
Official Journal L 236, 26 August 1978, pp. 13-18.
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