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Council Directive 85/73/EEC on the financing of health inspections and controls of fresh meat and poultrymeat.

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The present Directive deals with financing of health inspctions and checks to be carried out in respect of fresh meat and poultrymeat. Member States shall ensure that (i) fees are collected when the animals referred to in paragraph 2 of article 1 are slaughtered for the costs occasioned by health inspections and controls, (ii) in order both to ensure equivalence of treatment as provided for in Article 15 of Directive 71/118/EEC and to cover the costs provided for in Directive 72/462/EEC, provision is made for the collection of a fee on meat referred to in those Directives imported from third countries, and (iii) any direct or indirect refund of fees is prohibited.
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Official Journal L 32, 5 February 1985, pp. 14 and 15.
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