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Council Directive 96/25/EC on the circulation of feed materials, amending Directives 70/524/EEC, 74/63/EEC, 82/471/EEC and 93/74/EEC and repealing Directive 77/101/EEC.

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Without any prejudice to other provisions relevant to the field of animal nutrition, the present Directive applies to the circulation and use of feed materials within the Community. Member States shall prescribe that feed materials may be put into circulation only if they are of sound, genuine and merchantable quality. Feed materials must not represent any danger to animal or human health or to the environment. The particulars listed in article 5 are to be shown on an accompanying document or where appropriate on the packaging, on a container or a label attached thereto. Article 14 lays down some amendments to Directives 70/524/EEC, 82/471/EEC and 93/74/EEC. Part A of the Annex attached sets out further general provisions to be applied to the putting into circulation of feed materials.
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Official Journal L 125, 23 May 1996, pp. 35-58.
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