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Act on Verification and Notification of Origin of Electricity (19.12.2003/1129).

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This Act provides for the certification of origin of electricity-produced commodities from renewable energy sources and high-efficiency generation of electricity. An electricity supplier shall, at least once each calendar year, produce electricity invoices or attachments, and refer to public sources of information where there is data on the amount of carbon dioxide emissions and radioactive waste generated by energy sources for electricity sold during the previous calendar year. Certification of origin as a State of the European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) States for electricity produced commodities from renewable energy sources shall be recognized in accordance to EU provisions. The Energy Market Authority has the task of monitoring compliance with this Act. Notwithstanding this Act or regulations issued under it, marketing legality is also monitored under the Consumer Protection Act (38/1978).
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1 January 2004.
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Lag om certifiering och angivande av elens ursprung.
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