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Arrangement Implementing the Nauru Agreement Setting Forth Minimum Terms and Conditions of Access to the Fisheries Zones of the Parties.

Type of law

An Arrangement to implement the Nauru Agreement Concerning Cooperation in the Management of Fisheries of Common Interest. The text of the Arrangement consists of 6 Articles: South Pacific Forum Fisheries Agency Regional Register of Fishing Vessels (I); Licensing Terms and Conditions (II); Legislative Effect (III); Signature and Effect (IV); Withdrawal or Amendment (V); The Nauru Agreement (VI). The parties shall participate in and comply with Procedures for the regional registration of fishing vessels adopted by the FFA at Apia, Western Samoa on 5 May 1983. The Parties shall establish minimum terms and conditions and utilize the common formats in all their subsequent foreign fishing agreements and their licensing requirements concerning foreign vessels specified in Article II. (Article II deals in particular with the following: Licensing Procedures; authorized Personnel; Catch Reporting and Maintenance of Log Book; Timely Report of Catch, Entry and Exit; Identification of Vessels).
Date of text
Entry into force notes
The Arrangement will enter into force 14 days following receipt by the depositary of instruments of ratification by five signatories including Micronesia, Kiribati and Papua New Guinea. Thereafter it shall enter into force for any signing or acceding State 30 days after receipt by the depositary of the instrument of ratification or accession (art. 11, para. 2).
This Arrangement is subordinated and governed by the Nauru Agreement (art. VI).
Publication reference
Regional Compendium of Fisheries Legislation (Western Pacific Region), FFA/FAO, June 1993, pp. 1689-1692.
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