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Nauru Agreement Concerning the Cooperation in the Management of Fisheries of Common Interest.

Type of law

The Parties shall seek, without any derogation of their respective sovereign rights, to coordinate and harmonise the management of fisheries with regard to common stocks within the Fisheries Zones (art. I). Parties shall seek a co-ordinated approach to the fishing of common stocks by foreign vessels by implementing measures specified in article II. The Parties shall seek to standardise their respective licensing procedures in particular to adopt uniform measures and procedures relating to licensing of foreign vessels and to explore the possibility of establishing a centralized licensing system (art. III). The Parties shall, where appropriate, cooperate and coordinate monitoring and surveillance of foreign fishing activities (art. VI). Parties shall seek to develop a co-ordinated approach with respect to enforcement (art. VII). Arrangements may be concluded to facilitate the implementation of provisions of this Agreement (art. IX).
Date of text
Entry into force notes
The Agreement shall enter into force 30 days after receipt of the fifth instrument of ratification or accession (art. X, para. 2).
Agreement deposited with the Government of the Solomon Islands. The Agreement shall be open for accession by other States with the concurrence of all the Parties to this Agreement (art. X).
Publication reference
Regional Compendium of Fisheries Legislation (Western Pacific Region), FFA/FAO, June 1993, pp. 1685-1688.
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