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Second Arrangement Implementing the Nauru Agreement Setting Forth Additional Terms and Conditions of Access to the Fisheries Zones of the Parties

Type of law

The Parties shall establish the additional minimum terms and conditions of access to the Fisheries Zones of the Parties and will use prescribed common formats in all of their subsequent foreign fishing agreements and their licensing requirements concerning foreign vessels fishing for common stocks in the Fisheries Zones of the Parties: No transhipment shall be done at sea (comma 1); where a vessel is licensed to fish in one or more Fisheries Zones and is also used for fishing in the high seas during the fishing trip, the operator shall comply with the high seas catch reporting and maintenance of log books requirements set out in comma 2; upon the request of the Licensing Party, observers shall be placed on board of licensed fishing vessels (art. I, comma 3). Article II prescribes the installing of appropriate electronic positioning, monitoring and data transfer devices on the vessel.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
The Arrangement shall enter into force on the date of receipt of the fifth instrument of approval (art. III, para. 2).
The Arrangement is deposited with the Government of the Solomon Islands. The Arrangement is subordinated to and governed by the Nauru Agreement.
Publication reference
Regional Compendium of Fisheries Legislation (Western Pacific Region), FFA/FAO, June 1993, pp. 1693-1695.
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